More about w4h


It is said that people differ with regard to their talents, strengths and stress tolerance. Physical and mental restrictions may impose further problems.

OK, that may be true. But Wings for handicapped e.V. does not recognize the term "problems". We see every challenge as a task to be mastered.

Originally intended as a simple aviation society, w4h took off in April 2000. Spurred on by the creativity of its members, it quickly soared to higher and wider dimensions. Since then it has become involved with sports that have been mastered not only in spite of a variety of disabilities but also due to immeasurable personal constraints.

The word "impossible" does not exist for us.

Without a doubt, sport is certainly one way of overcoming hurdles, of enjoying new experiences, of finding things out about yourself which you may otherwise never have discovered. Sport gives us wings.

If due to your personal circumstances a certain technique does not work for one type of sport, try to develop or adopt techniques which help you fulfill the requirements in another way, thus reaching your goal. It is often necessary to satisfy certain requirements, but there are many ways to do this.

Our homepage is intended for all those who want to know more about the life as a handicapped person, for those who are looking for practical advice, and for those who want to help us actively or just pass on their advice.